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"I confess"

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama Africa

My mother was raped before I was born
And I am a product of that sin…
See in her ignorance she was robbed of her strength, her offspring
And they took her sons in chains, and tainted her daughters blood
A picture not too different from those the hood paints today…
And she tells me…we were strong…as strong as we are today…only we don’t know it!

See now her sons are hard… not because of their strength but they forgot how they used to smile while they were with her…
They have forgotten how they held hands as they walk roads and they loved each other purely…
They do not remember that in them lies honor of Kings and Queens, they were royalty
So now her sons tote guns and fain hard because they don’t know who they are…
Trying to remember their strength…they are hard because they had to be…
They live in worlds now that have erased their ties to their Mother…
Taught now that they come from slaves, that’s where they originate, but no one told them that their mother bore kings…
And so our royals live as peasants in distant lands…unaware.

And she cries to her sons, is this what they died for…
Those whom were made slaves, my children..
Is this what their lives and their blood was spent for…

And she watches as her sons fill Ghettos countries wide
Embrace the title “Nigga” with pride
Taint their sister’s blood with AIDS
And murder one another to win acclaim
She watches…
As her sons leave their sons, fatherless
And their women to fend for themselves
Become slaves again for material wealth
And find home to be the insides of jails

I can her crying..

Is this what they died for…
Is this what their lives and blood was spent for…

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Township time

So I taught a class yesterday...Poetry/Free Expression Class.
I used India Arie, Mya Angelou, Lauren Hill and Myself to convey how to share your story hurts and ways to deal with Anger...

I have done this kind of class a few times but this one here was so special...
I wish I could share the videos of the kids reading what they wrote...but Not in the states so I don't have High Speed....this is what I wrote while they spoke...and below are some of the kids poems and writings...
Scars, can they heal
Pain that I feel, will it ever go away…
So much pain, help me bare it

I again sit with those who are stronger than they know
They are strength and power, wisdom beyond their years
Can I wish it away can you take it away…
Can I erase what they have seen
That they carry and shed no tears
And they trust in God in ways only they can explain
Raped by their fathers…
Losing their mother
Suffering from disease
Jesus Help them please
Take it away…
Wash it away…
Will they ever know life without it…
It’s too hard for me to see
Lord take it away…their pain…

Some of the kids writings...

Struggle for Freedom
Viva Africka, Viva Freedom
These were the words our grandparents and great grandparents
Screamed as they were urgently ramping thru the streets
With iron fist and lieges of police after them like angry dogs
The day Father Mandela was released everybody was happy
Screaming freedom at last!
And it was the end of Whites killing blacks
But the start of Blacks killing Blacks
Now we are living like mice in a cage full if cats
Being killed in cold blood being scared of going out at night
Is this freedom because I am still struggling after freedom
-Sbongiseni Skeyi

My Life
The worlds up side down
I lost my mother when I was 7 yrs. Old
I thought my life was finished
I felt miserable
I felt guilty of my mother’s death
I wanted to kill myself
It was like life was going down the drain
But By God’s Wonderful Mercies
He gave me a mum, who loves me, the way I am, for who I am
God has wonderful mercies all the time
-Nosiphiwo Vonto

I am a loser
I lost my mother
I lost my father
I lost my home
I lost my family
I lost my sister
I lost my brother
I lost my friends
I think I am going to lose at school because I am a loser

My first time when I lose my mother
I lost my mother when I was born
I didn’t even see here but I know that only God nows everything
And God is my shepherd now I see the people say Life is difficult
But I say not to me life is easy because I except God.
-Ayanda Cithi

After the Poems they shares their stories, most orphaned it was hard to hear. Kid who have been raped by their fathers, losing parents and famil members, mistreated, abused and even living with HIV. But they have joy that ignites my faith. They have strength of men. They have courage and determination that I dream of. I am so inspired...I felt my river rising...from within sumthin leaped in me...

Its experiences like this that remind me of Mary greeting Martha and the babe leaping in her womb...I love having people around me that make sumthin leap in me! Make my destiny leap..the dream I have been carrying leap...the things that I know God wants to birth in me leap. I pray that I be that for someone.

River Rise! Rise!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

in my mind

I am learning to say these words...

Its too hard for me, I can't do it alone, I need help!

It seems in life sometimes we think we have to be so strong...we go through so many things and deal with so much and often we do it on our own thinking we have to handle it and carry so much weight...

stressing and trying to be strong
trying to overcome the same struggle for years
trying to love those have hurt us
trying love myself
trying to be who God has called you to be...

and we live our lives so spent on trying...

I think Jesus waits to hear us say

Its too hard for me, I can't do it alone, I need help!

He is always willing to Help or to do thru you...

This has been my prayer today...

Its too hard for me, I can't do it, I need your help! repeating it...(thinking) you said you were a present help...its too hard for me, I can't do it, I need your help!